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CyanogenMod 9 and AOKP come to the Galaxy S3

June 18, 2012
For those who have Samsung’s new Galaxy S3 Android super phone but want something closer to the vanilla Android experience, rather than the heavily customized UI provided by Samsung, then here is some good news for you. The S3 is now part of the official CyanogenMod 9 nightly build process and will eventually receive an official stable version of CyanogenMod 9 when it is released.

Due to the hard work of XDA Recognized Developer XpLoDWilD, the Galaxy S3 has been added to the listed of supported CyanogenMod 9 devices. Initial reports are that the firmware is stable and highly functonal, however there are a few minor issues:

  • FM Radio: currently not supported, try Spirit FM from market
  • Using flash in camera causes problems
  • LED is not being lit when charging

The history of alternative firmware on the S3 is quite interesting. The first step to getting a new ROM onto a device is to “root” it. The XDA developer Chainfire managed to root the S3 even before he had the device in his hand! This was achieved because someone, an insider at Samsung, leaked the source code to Chainfire which allowed him to perform the root remotely!

More information, download and installation instructions and a FAQ can be found here.

Open Kang

Following the release of the CyanogenMod 9 build, the developers of the Android Open Kang Project (AOKP) custom firmware also released a Samsung Galaxy S3 build. Like CyanogenMod, AOKP is based on a vanilla build of Android (4.0.4 in this case) but with additional features. AOKP for the S3 has the same issues as the CM9 build (i.e using flash in camera causes problems etc).

More information on the AOKP build for the Samsung Galaxy S3 can be found here.