It looks like the folks at CyanogenMod have announced the latest in terms of the nightly builds. This latest ROM has arrived for those sporting (and for those who hope to soon be sporting) a Nexus 4. In short, CM10.1 nightlies are available for the Nexus 4 smartphone. And in addition, a similar ROM is also being worked on for the Nexus 10 tablet.

The reasoning here, it seems there is a demand for such a ROM. According to a recent posting over on the Google+ page for CyanogenMod, they mentioned how they have “noticed a few random third-parties building CM10.1 for the new Nexus devices.” Perhaps more important (and the reason behind their release), they have noticed people actually using those builds.

As it stands, Nexus 4 users willing to live on the bleeding edge can download and flash a build of CM10.1. And for those not as familiar with CM10.1, this is a build based off of Android 4.2. Otherwise, a similar nightly build is also coming for the Nexus 10 tablet. But as we always see with CyanogenMod releases — no timeframe was given as to when Nexus 10 users will be able to begin playing. In fact, the details noted that Nexus 10 users will be able to ” join in as soon as it’s ready.”

All that being said, we suspect most (if not all) of the CyanogenMod users already know this, but remember that you may find some bugs in these nightly builds. In other words, while fun to play with, this may not be the best route to take if you have only one phone and actually depend on/need it for everyday use.

Robert Nelson
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