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Roughly three weeks after the release of CM11 M10, the Cyanogen team is back with a new milestone release that brings many small improvements and bug fixes.

CM11 Milestone 11 is now rolling out to the dozens of supported devices, with builds available for 50 devices at the moment of this writing.

According to a post on the official blog, CM11 M11 includes the following main changes:

  • New Devices: Galaxy S4 Active (jactivelte), Galaxy S4 SK I-9506 (ks01lte), Galaxy S5 GSM (klte), Galaxy Tab 10.1 (picassowifi), Galaxy Player 4.0 (ypg1)
  • Re-introduce Samsung Galaxy Relay 4G (apexqtmo) support
  • Fix signal strength showing ’2147483647′ on certain devices
  • Frameworks & Core Apps: CAF and other upstream updates
  • Lockscreen: Do not play sounds while a phone call is active & MSIM updates
  • Frameworks: Add base & MSIM APIs for SEEK (Secure Element Evaluation Kit) support
  • Frameworks: Fix volume button changing two ‘steps’ per click
  • Frameworks: Add ‘Screen Off’ action for double-tap/long-press configuration options
  • Show devices connected to your WiFi (tethering) Hotspot
  • Fix bug related to ‘switch to last app’ action while in Recents view
  • Fix Navigation Bar arrow keys in RTL locales
  • Translations updates from CyanogenMod CrowdIn team
  • Adjustments to ‘Glove Mode’ (High Touch Sensitivity)
  • APN Updates for various regions
  • Camera: Add support for all available Slow Shutter speeds (hardware dependent); Improve shutter button
  • Dialer/InCallUI: Fix smartcover always showing answer fragment
  • LG G2: Address GPS and NFC issues
  • Base support for HTC Desire 816 & HTC One Mini 2 (pending nightlies)
  • Various security updates
  • General bug fixes

New functionality seems to be limited to new options for the double-tap/long press configuration, as well as improved support for devices that feature slow shutters, and a few smaller changes. Still, if you want the most stable OS possible, it’s recommended that you flash CM11 M11, for the bug fixes and security patches, if nothing else.

If you are living with CM11 nightlies, the team recommends you only apply the M11 build on top of nightlies released before September 30, when the M11 code was branched out.

To get your CM11 M11 build, head over to the downloads page.

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