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Customers wanting "good" wireless service is a bar too-high

72 percent of consumers expect good mobile service.
September 2, 2014
Angry Wireless Customer

Over the last few years, wireless service on the whole has been improving in the United States. In some cases, wireless providers had nowhere to go but up as they were consistently finishing dead last in customer satisfaction rankings dating back to 2009. In fact, just last year Sprint was still finishing last or near dead last in most customer satisfaction rankings. In those same rankings, T-Mobile and AT&T received average results while Verizon did indeed get good marks.

In a recent survey conducted by traffic management vendor Vasona Networks, 72 percent of consumers said that they expect their mobile networks to provide “good mobile data performance.”

Vasona therefore took these results to mean that such a high number of people wanting “good” service was too much to expect from our wireless carriers. In fact, according to Vasona’s press release, a consumer wanting good service meant that “consumers have increasingly stringent expectations when it comes to mobile broadband.”

“As mobile operators expand 4G service, consumers are setting a high bar for broadband performance.” – John Reister, Vasona VP Marketing & Product Management

Considering that Americans pay the most in the world for their mobile data plans, why is it that crazy to demand “good” service?


Other results include:

  • The importance of mobile Internet performance when choosing a service provider rose from 29% in 2013 to 32% this year;
  • Expectations of “good mobile data performance” rose from 64% to 72%; and
  • Respondents who hold their mobile operator most responsible when apps don’t function properly rose from 40% to 55%.