android iphone case

From the weird-probably-pointless-but-mildly-interesting department: a hack that allows you to experience Android on an iPhone. Kinda, sorta.

Nick Lee is the person responsible for, among other things, putting Windows 95 on the Apple Watch. But that’s small potatoes compared to Lee’s latest endeavor, one that – in the developer’s own words – could end the “holy war” between Android and iOS devotees.

Yes, Nick Lee wanted to put Android on an iPhone, uniting the two platforms that have spawned a myriad of flame wars in comments section everywhere. But Lee didn’t go the conventional way – you know, jailbreaking, rooting, custom ROMs, that sort of thing. Instead, he actually put Android on a crude “smart case” for the iPhone 6S Plus.

For the base of the project, Lee used a 3D model from Thingiverse to create a custom case for the iPhone 6S Plus. He then installed AOSP onto a Lemaker HiKey development board powered by ARM Cortex-A53 processor and threw a 650-mAh battery into the mix.

After applying some digital elbow grease – including a custom iOS app to allow the Apple phone to communicate with the Android board – Lee came up with a very basic, but fully functional prototype.

As you can see in the video, performance is anything but impressive. And yes, the project is just Android streaming to iOS from a different device. But it’s pretty cool, and truth is, geeks need no reason to tweak and tinker.

Above all, Nick Lee’s little experiment shows how far we’ve come: you can now put Android on a phone case. How’s that for evolution?

A full project walkthrough is available here. Let us know your thoughts!