Google Glass Vision

Google Glass is improving every day, as developers lucky enough to have access to the headset and API are building apps for it. While most apps are still very rough, they hold quite a bit of promise for what Glass could — and should — be.

Crystal Shopper, which you can see demonstrated by developer Lance Nanek below, may be one of the more useful Glass apps we’ve seen yet. If you currently use a price comparison tool, like Price Check by Amazon, you’ll immediately recognize the benefit here. Simply scan the barcode, and Crystal Shopper lets you know if you’re getting the best deal or not.

Crystal Shopper comes courtesy of the recent Breaking Glass hackathon, which was held in San Francisco over the weekend. Crystal Shopper is the first app we’re seeing as a result, but we expect to see many more in the coming days.

Crystal Shopper is still in the beta stage, but the framework is impressive. It appears to make good use of Glass’ ability to tether to a smartphone or other device with cellular antennae for data transmission, and channeling Amazon reviews and pricing is the new standard for comparative shopping. The app makes use of both gesture and swipe interfaces for Glass, and barcode capturing looks snappy.

Check out the video below, and let us know what you think.