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Crystal Downloader: Download manager and accelerator for Android

April 7, 2012

If you need to download files in a hurry, waiting for each little byte to finish downloading can be excruciating. Normally, you’d rather leave the hard-core and huge downloads as tasks fitting for desktops or laptops, but often we’re in too much hurry to wait around for the download to complete–and, then, there’s the trouble of having to transfer the downloaded file from desktop to Android.

For those of you who have been waiting for a decent downloader for your Android devices, Crystal Downloader is here to make downloading files a sweet dream on your Android phone. Developed by xtr143, Senior Member of XDA Developers, Crystal Downloader is a straightforward, no-nonsense download manager and accelerator that not only manages your downloads but also allows you to split your files for faster downloading.

By splitting files, you can increase your download speed. Previously, downloading large files could be a difficult and unrewarding task, but thanks to Crystal Downloader, your files will be sitting pretty on your Android phone before you know it.

With its no-nonsense interface, Crystal Downloader allows you to download files in a number of ways. Long-tapping on the file download link brings up options to share the link or to copy the link location. You can hit the share option and share the link with Crystal Downloader. You can also click on the link in your browser, choose Android System and then choose Crystal Downloader. Regardless of which method you prefer, simply tap the Downloads tab in the app and start downloading your file.

Crystal Downloader allows you to split your files into a number of parts, with 32 being the maximum. This means that you’ll be able to download files faster than ever. For those of you who’re on the go, if you’ve ever had to dilly-dally waiting for a file to finish downloading on your phone, Crystal Downloader allows you to pause your downloads so that you can resume them at a later time. Some users have reported that it may take a while for downloads to resume, but they eventually do pick up from where they left off.

The app also auto-detects if servers allow multi-part downloads. Because Crystal Downloader is integrated into your Android device’s web browser, you won’t ever need to copy links to download them. Crystal Downloader also finds links in webpages in case you can’t copy them.

Accessing the settings page allows you to set the default location of all your downloads, as well as the number of parts you can split your download into. You can even track each part’s individual download progress. You won’t ever have to wait until you can access your computer to download large files again.

Though, if you decide to download a file in multiple parts, you’ll need phone storage space that is at least twice the size of the file you’re downloading.

If you’d like to download files at hurricane speed directly onto your Android device, download Crystal Downloader for free from the Google Play Store.