CruzerLite announced today that they’re getting into the Android swag game. Who doesn’t love Android swag? I know I do. CruzerLite, known for their top of the line Android smartphone cases added 39 t-shirt designs and 17 plush toy designs featuring the Android mascot, BugDroid.

The plush toys come in 17 unique designs made from high quality polyester materials. If you’re looking for a collectors’ items, each plush toy comes in their very own bag. There’s something for everyone here such as the Android BBQ themed plushy, an Ice Cream Sandwich guy,  even a Jelly Bean themed plushy, a RootzWiki themed one and various super heroes, even a ninja!

If toys for adults aren’t your thing and you’re more into showing off your fanboyism (or fangirlism) with gear, they have 39 different t-shirts to choose from. All t-shirts are originally designed featuring BugDroid in various colors and iterations. Each t-shirt is printed using the highest quality garment printing techniques along with being 100% preshrunk cotton. There’s too many designs to list here, you’ll have to check them out for yourself. AOKP ROM fans, there’s something special for you on page 4.

For a limited time, these new products qualify for free shipping on any order of $25 offer. You can also take advantage of a “buy 2 get 1 free” offer when using coupon code “B2G1” at checkout.

Derek Ross

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