Drop tests are out of fashion, scratch tests are boring, and you can only watch so many videos of smartphones getting shot with assault rifles. Luckily, YouTubers come up with new ways to ruin perfectly good electronics all the time and now SlickWraps is joining the fun with a video titled “400 Ton Hydraulic Press VS Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.”

Yeah, you know where this is going. That poor Galaxy S7 Edge won’t live to tell the tale. That’s not surprising. But you know what is surprising? How dramatic the whole thing is. There’s smoke, and sparks, and flames, and whistles, and bangs, and plastic mush oozing out in slow motion. There’s even black fluid running down the press, and it looks a lot like blood, and OMG, what did you do to that innocent Galaxy S7 Edge, you sadists!

If we need to say it, don’t try anything like this at home. Those fluids and gases you see in the video come from the battery, and they can be corrosive and toxic. No amount of “Febreze or something” can protect you from their effects.