If you love spending your quality time by showing up at events, concerts, or gimmicks, then you’re definitely going to love how CrowdStream is going to boost your music life to the next level.

CrowdStream is a free Android application that connects avid music lovers with their favorite rock bands and stars at upcoming live events. It so happens that CrowdStream is one of the few applications that are popular among both music fans and stars.

CrowdSteam essentially builds bridges between music fans and artists so that they can easily share exclusive content like photos, comments, and feedback of live concerts all over the world in real-time. Not only that, the app can also be used as a one-stop shop for all the information regarding past, present, and future events from all over the globe. Users can also search their favorite performers and fetch all the related information through their social-networking sites or even their local music library.

CrowdStream features a sleek home screen layout where you can find the five main tabs for Events, Crowd, Camera, Stream and Profile tabs. Before you hop on the bandwagon, the app requires you to log in by creating a CrowdStream account. You can also use your Facebook ID. Creating an account is free and you can create one inside the app itself.

Selecting the Events tab will further divide it into three main tabs. The Now tab is where you may want to check out the list of events that are happening. The Upcoming and Past tabs, on the other hand, speak for their respective titles and list all the events taking place. Content in each tab varies and tapping the Now tab will let you take a peek into the live stream content during the ongoing event.

In the Crowd tab, you can search for artist information based on your local music library, as well as on other artists that you have liked on Facebook. Once all the information has been loaded up, you can set custom alerts for your favorite artists. Provided that you have already checked-in at an event, the Camera tab will let you start capturing and sharing event photos. If you haven’t, the photo sharing feature won’t be accessible.

From the title itself, the Stream Tab displays live stream content of photos, comments, and likes from the events and artists that the you are currently following. Apart from checking out the interactions made by other users, you can also share it to other social networking site such as Twitter and Facebook.

Lastly, the Profile Tab lets you alter your profile pages and settings that are associated with your Facebook and Twitter account through the CrowdStream network. You can also keep tabs on the events and artists that you are following or check out the photo stream that you have shared.

CrowdSteam is a great application with a polished user interface and is feature-rich when it comes to sharing your passion for your favorite artists and music.

If you’re a fan of musical events then CrowdStream won’t certainly disappoint you. You can download CrowdStream absolutely free from the Google Play Store.