Critter Escape

Amazon’s AppStore has quickly become one of the most popular app sources for Android, though it’s a far cry from being as successful as Google Play.

Even though Amazon’s store has just 50,000 apps, they’ve made a following by securing a few popular exclusives. They also have gained popularity due to the fact that the Kindle Fire doesn’t have Google Play. Recently, Jetpack Joyride joined the list of exclusives (though it is for iOS, too), but now it seems that Amazon is losing one of their popular games. Critter Escape is now available through Google Play.

If you haven’t heard of Critter Escape, it’s basically a game where you take control of so-called “critter” that has been captured by an evil corporation for testing.  As the title pretty much gives away, the goal here is to escape. Escaping isn’t as all that easy, and the critter must use stealth, powerups and quick wits to get out of the evil labs.

There are several different controller methods for this game, depending on your own preferences. The most ‘generic’ style uses a virtual d-pad, or you can draw a path onscreen that the critter will follow. If the idea of drawing a line that the critter follows seems familiar, it’s because many Nintendo DS games have had that style of gameplay.

An arcade action game at its best, there are over 120 unique levels and tons of power-ups that make Critter Escape an addictive experience.

If Critter Escape seems interesting to you, avoid getting it from the Amazon AppStore and go straight to Google Play, if you can. Why? Amazon’s store is charging $.99 for this, or you can get it free through the Play store.