Huawei may not exactly be in the same pedigree as Nokia or Motorola, but the China-based company has been consistently putting out quality electronics for a while now. They’re not the usual cheap knock-offs either; these are honest-to-God well-made products that you wouldn’t be ashamed of being seen using. One of these sterling products is the Huawei Ascend. Cricket Wireless launched it as part of their contract plans since last year and we can call it a minor success.

Well, it seems that Huawei has decided to follow that achievement this year. News has leaked that the company is finishing up their work on the successor to the Ascend. Appending a “II” at the end to indicate that it’s a sequel, Huawei seems to have come up again with another solid-looking phone. Boasting a 3.5-inch HVGA display, it packs a rather weak 600MHz processor, runs on Gingerbread (Android 2.3), has a 5MP camera, and the usual mix of WiFi, 3G connectivity, and a micro SD card slot for its connectivity and data options.

The specs may not exactly be something to write home about, but I can bet dollars to donuts that the Ascend II will stand with its predecessor in the higher ranks of low- to mid-range Android devices. Cricket is already carrying the device, with a price tag of $179.99. The device will not exactly be turning heads any time soon, but you have to admit – it looks solid and a Gingerbread device is still a Gingerbread device. Some phones don’t even have that.

Source: Android Guys

Aerol Bibat
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