Cricket Samsung Galaxy S4
An easy way to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S4 at a somewhat affordable price is now available courtesy of Cricket Wireless, which has just put up Samsung’s latest flagship Android smartphone for pre-order on its official web site.

The information on the Cricket Wireless pre-order page for the Samsung Galaxy S4 states that the handset can be bought at a discount rate. Normally, a unit of the Galaxy S4 costs $599.99 a piece. However, those who pre-order from the Cricket web site can get a discount of up to $125, which brings the price all the way down to only $474.99.

And what about the accompanying monthly plans? Firstly, there’s a $50 monthy plan that gives users 1GB of data per month. And secondly, a $60 monthly plan upgrades that data allowance to 2.5GB per month. Every purchase also includes a matching flip cover for the handset.

The best thing about the Galaxy S4 listing on Cricket is the fact that it is scheduled to start shipping only a few days from now, on June 7. Availability is limited only by a customer’s location, so if you want to know if you can really buy one right now, we suggest checking out the pre-order page yourself and entering your zip code to see what happens.

Cricket’s Samsung Galaxy S4 is available in white and black.

David Gonzales
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