Cricket 4G LTE

Cricket might not be the biggest carrier in the United States, but it has become a rather popular regional choice for those that want contract-free service with no credit check. What it doesn’t offer is 4G LTE service, at least not outside of the Tucson metro area. Luckily, this is all starting to change. Next week, one unidentified city will be added to the Cricket 4G LTE service area.

Cricket’s parent company, Leap Wireless, is still being shy with the details about their LTE roll-out. What we do know is that one city will get it next week and in November they will announce several additional markets. The plan is to have two-thirds of its network footprint covered by 2015. The LTE market launch next week is just a starting point for the company, and nothing really to get excited over yet.

For now, there are no phones officially being announced. Tucson and the unnamed city only can use 4G LTE service with the Huawei Boltz modem, which is more than just a little dissapointing.

With that in mind, the iPhone 5 4G LTE model is already sold through Cricket and will likely work with the service sometime in the future. From what we gather, there are no other LTE devices currently sold through Cricket. I’m sure Android Cricket users would like to see 4G LTE equipped versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 arrive through Cricket Wireless. Not likely, but we can still dream.

We only guess what city is being added next week. West coast, east coast, midwest? No clue. A follow-up post with more specifics should follow once we know more. Any Cricket users out there impatiently awaiting the rollout of 4G LTE services?