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Crazy Taxi, Tiny Thief and Pacific Rim available in the Google Play Store

Three new Android games are available in the Google Play Store including Crazy Taxi, Tiny Thief and Pacific Rim. Read on for more details!
July 11, 2013
Crazy Taxi

Android users looking for new games should check out three new games that are now available in the Google Play Store including Crazy Taxi, Tiny Thief and Pacific Rim.

Crazy Taxi

Whether you have enjoyed playing Crazy Taxi on a different platform so far, or whether it’s the first time you hear about the game, you’ll certainly have a great time trying to act as a skilled taxi driver on your Android smartphone or tablet.

You’ll have to get your clients to their destinations as fast as possible in order to get the cash. Crazy driving may be required as you deliver the goods.

The game costs $4.99, requires 227MB of storage, and will work on devices running Android 2.2 and up.

Tiny Thief

For once, you won’t have to attack the egg-stealing green pigs by shooting Angry Birds with strange powers into the air. Tiny Thief is Rovio’s latest game, and, as the game suggests, you’ll have to steal stuff to move forward.

Tiny Thief

It’s not just stealing, but rather a “little guy” standing up for… well… the “little guy.” Obviously, you can expect puzzles and enemies to deal with across six big adventures.

The game is cheaper at $2.99, needs just 47MB of memory and will work on smartphones and tablets that run Android 2.3 or later.

Pacific Rim

Finally, we have a more action-packed game for you, called Pacific Rim. If that sounds familiar, that’s because we’re looking at the companion mobile game for the movie with the same title that’s getting ready to hit theaters.

Pacific Rim

In the game, you’ll have to fight the bad guys/monsters using your robots – yes, that’s what happens in the movies, human-built robots fight bad creatures. There’s a Story Mode that features 30 levels but also a Survival Mode, so you’ll surely have lots of ways of crushing the opponents.

You’ll be able to command up to five robots, which you’ll be able to upgrade and customize as you move through the game.

Pacific Rim costs $4.99, needs 224MB of available memory and Android 2.2 or later to run.