I must have been about 10 years old when I saw the classic “Night of the Living Dead” by George A. Romero. Little did I know that that was the start of my love affair with zombies. Those shambling, rotting but deadly corpses certainly haven’t gone of out style and they’ve been reinvented so many times that people just can’t take them seriously anymore.

There are the scarier types, of course, the ones that run instead of slowly walk towards you, and then there are the hilarious vegetarian zombies from terrible movies (Day of the Dead, anyone?). Max Brooks certainly reignited the fear that the dead horde can bring with his Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z books. In fact, Max Brooks helped remind people that even if vampires are natural-born killers, they still might be overpowered by an endless stream of undead in that one episode of Deadliest Warrior.

The game we’re looking at today may not have the graphics that the best zombie games for Android have, but Could You Survive: Zombies? is a great way to test how well you’d survive the day the dead walk the earth.

Almost every zombie book, movie, and TV series starts out that way. Average Joe or Jill goes about their utterly mundane life when suddenly a rabid person bites someone else and spreads an infection. We’ve practically memorized how the rest of it pans out but the question is, do you have what it takes to survive? Your goal is to secure items for survival, such as weapons, a vehicle that can withstand traveling and zombies, and head to Arizona to check out other survivors.

Developed by Crafty Badger Studios, Could You Survive: Zombies? is a text-based game with an injection of Choose Your Own Adventure. You wake up when the panic is starting, but how you go about the zombie apocalypse depends on you. Do you check your phone for messages, catch another 5, 10 or maybe 15 minutes of shuteye, or do you suit up and prepare for the worst?

Each option you’re presented looks straightforward but you’ll be surprised that your decision to put on gloves before you pick up a knife may save your hand from Poison Ivy itch.

The game is extremely simple-looking, with black text on worn and stained paper. Swipe right to left to proceed with the game and select the option that you think is the best. You’ll be scored for each decision you make.

The narration and options are quite hilarious and entertaining. Do you give a zombified gas attendant a Chuck Norris-style roundhouse kick to the face, douse him with gas and set him on fire, or do you get in your vehicle and run him over? Alternatively, you can run screaming in horror. The choice is really up to you. The inclusion of memes, such as “the cake is a lie,” is certainly plus points in my book.

Questions and scenarios are broken up into levels so you can take a little break in your quest to survive and find other survivors.

One downside to this app is that it does not allow you to save your progress. That means that if you have to update the app, you’ll have to start all over again. Some players may not mind this, because it allows them to backtrack and choose the better option, but for other players who sneak in some zombie surviving during break times, this may be really annoying.

The app is ad-supported. Ads will appear both above and below the text. These ads, however, don’t get in the way of swiping through your zombie adventure.

Test how well you’ll survive in a zombie apocalypse with Could You Survive: Zombies? Download this game for free from the Google Play Store and see if you can make it to a perfect 100 points.