The guys at Corning are at it again. After the world-famous and durable Gorilla Glass, they have a created a new kind of fortified glass that could be used for smartphone displays. The new breed of fortified glass that Corning developed is named Lotus Glass.

Lotus Glass will be used for LCD and OLED displays of phones, and Corning promises that this new type of glass will give crystal clear picture quality without draining too much power. It will have more thermal and dimensional stability than that of Gorilla Glass.

In manufacturing high resolution displays, changes in the temperature can put glass under a lot of stress, which can cause imperfections. But, Lotus Glass has a higher annealing point than Gorilla Glass. Lotus Glass will be more flexible to design needs and there is little room for display imperfections.

On the other hand, Gorilla Glass has been the standard material for durable smartphone displays worldwide. Of course, there are still other types of fortified glass, but Gorilla Glass has prevailed over them and proved its toughness. The downside of the material is that its price and availability cannot serve everyone.

Now, it seems that the newly developed Lotus Glass could replace the Gorilla Glass. Lotus is a very promising new material for future smartphones, although there are still no smartphones currently using the material. It’s only a matter of time before we see devices using it and by then the Lotus can prove its worth.

The production for Lotus glass is already on the go and soon enough, device displays will be Lotus-inspired making them more attractive and appealing. There are still no soon-to-be-released smartphones that promise to use this new type of fortified glass, but it is possible that they would incorporate the material on those phones.

Just a thought: Corning has confirmed recently that the recently launched Galaxy Nexus does not use Gorilla Glass.  Could it be using Lotus Glass instead?  Would be nice if it were so, eh?