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CoreControl App for HTC One X gives you more CPU control

May 20, 2012

If you’re an Android user who loves to root your phone, you’re probably well versed on the benefits of apps that allow you to control your phone’s CPU. From over and under clocking, to setting CPU governors, apps such as SetCPU give you ultimate control over the performance and power saving of your device.  Now the good folks over at XDA-Developers have developed a similar app for the quad-core HTC One X.

CoreControl, created by XDA member Meltus, allows you to control how many cores in the HTC One X are active at time. Root access is of course a requirement, and the app will simply force close on an unrooted device. The app is quite useful if you aren’t getting the battery life you need, or your quad-core beast starts running a bit hot.


As you can see in the screenshot, CoreControl gives you many options beyond just how many cores are running. Similar to SetCPU, you can set different profiles, and each profile allows you to set how many cores will run based on two factors. First, you can set a profile that will change how many cores are running based on battery level. Alternatively, you can set another profile to set the amount of running cores based on battery temperature. Another nice feature allows you to set CoreControl to start every time your phone boots so you don’t have to start it manually.

CoreControl is being constantly updated, and more features are soon to be added. Upcoming features will include screen-off and charging profiles. More colors indicating battery temperature will also be added; it currently only displays in green and red. The layout is also expected to be tweaked.

Currently the app is somewhat buggy, which is understandable considering it’s very new in development. Fortunately the bugs rarely hinder the basic function of controlling the cores. The developer has only seen one instance when profiles were set but reverted to default settings. To be sure, Meltus recommends installing an app called TegraStats to monitor active cores.

Want to give CoreControl a try? The APK and a link to TegraStats can be found on the XDA-Developers forum right here.

While this app probably has HTC One X Owners excited, I can imagine there might be some envy involved with owners of other handsets. If you’re a HTC One X owner who can’t decide if you should root your device, does this app help make your decision?