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Copyright Troll wants to control your web browser if you pirate any material

Rightscorp CEO believes that there should be no oversight.
August 19, 2014

We have discussed the stupidity of trolls on a number of different occasions. However, we are reaching new levels of just head-shaking stupidity.

Rightscorp is a company employed by a number of corporate organizations (such as Warner Music and BMG). Rightscorp then sends demand letters to ISP customers whom Rightscorp has determined are pirating material of their clients. The customers can either pay a fine (amount varies) or go to court and fight Rightscorp.

Rightscorp was in the news fairly recently when their CEO told TorrentFreak that he believed the DC Circuit Appeals court was not correct in their decision barring companies like Rightscorp from getting names of ISP customers until a lawsuit was filed and judicial review was completed.

Now, Rightscorp has a new strategy:

The company is now working with more than 140 Internet service providers. The company’s goal has long been to move away from the simple forwarding of e-mail notices and push the ISPs toward actually shutting off Web-browsing abilities until Rightscorp and its clients get paid. That was reiterated on an August 13 earnings call. The system should be less like a “piracy speeding ticket” and more like a “piracy wheel clamp,” explained company CEO Robert Steele. – ArsTechnica

Wait, what?

They want to disable a customer’s internet browsing until the customer pays a fine that Rightscorp has arbitrarily determined is correct? Add on that Rightscorp CEO believes that there should be no oversight over his actions and we have a company that wants to pick and choose a ransom price and stop a customers internet access until the ransom is paid.

Then again, let’s remember Rightscorp’s motto: