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Control Panel for Android brings 4.2-style quick settings to Android 2.2 and up

November 11, 2012

While no devices are shipping running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean yet, one of the coolest features of the update is the quick settings control in the notification pane. While custom ROMs have had similar features for a long time now, Control Panel for Android brings this feature to all Android devices.

The app provides access to 16 controls including WiFi, Bluetooth, Sound, Vibrate, Auto-Brightness, Auto Rotation, Auto-Time, Screen Stay On, Sound Effect, Haptic Feedback, Dial Tone, Screen Timeout, Ringtone, Volume, Ring Mode, and Brightness Level. Most of these options simply toggle a setting on or off, though obviously controls like volume and brightness level are going to provide more control.

The ringtone, brightness and volume can be easily accessed directly from the notification pane. The other options are accessed by tapping on the app in the notification pane. When an option is toggled, it is shown with a blue outline, while options that aren’t outlined mean that they aren’t currently toggled on. Tapping a non-toggle control brings up a menu to adjust that control’s settings.

Control Panel for Android is available in the Google Play Store, as well as in APK format in the XDA forum post announcing the app’s availability. It runs on Android versions 2.2 and up, and doesn’t seem to have any other requirements.

Have you had a chance to try this app yet? What do you think of it so far?