The official kick-off of the IFA 2012, the last major tech event to take place this year, is but a few days away, and things just got a bit more interesting for all us Android geeks. We’ve known for a while that Samsung will be unveiling the Note 2 in Berlin and that Sony will be coming out with a bunch of exciting high-enders, and we also suspected HTC to take the wraps off the new One X+.

LG’s plans for IFA remained somewhat of a mystery, although there were rumors about a second-edition Optimus Vu and a so-called Eclipse super-phone getting unveiled. Part of that mystery has now been shattered to pieces by Qualcomm, who’s announced that it will “supply the latest Snapdragon S4 Pro platform to LG, enabling LG’s new quad-core smartphone, which is currently in production with anticipated commercial availability in Korea in September and global rollout to follow.”

There you have it, folks, the second ever confirmed phone powered by a quad-core Snapdragon S4 proc, after Xiaomi’s Mi2 “beast”. This unnamed LG device has also been confirmed as using the APQ8064 platform alongside an MDM9x15 LTE baseband and an Adreno 320 GPU, a combination that is expected to blow our minds and break all benchmark records known to mankind.

You have to be basically inhuman to not get excited when hearing about such a revolutionary beast being so close to its commercial release, but we have to keep our feet on the ground and ask a few questions. Is this the Optimus G we heard about just a couple of days ago? It could be. But if it is, what about the “Eclipse”? Could that be a whole different phone with an entirely new design? Or are we dealing with the exact same device, set to come to all the major carriers in slightly tweaked versions?

We have no way to know that just yet, so here’s another question for you. If LG will be releasing this super-phone with a quad-core S4 Pro processor and a separate chip for LTE, how will the device’s battery withstand so much “pressure”? Especially that, based on an FCC filing for the “Eclipse”, the 4.7-incher seemed bound to be equipped with only a 2,100mAh battery. I know, I might seem like a party pooper all of a sudden, but I would hate seeing LG’s upcoming beast released purely for “spec racing”.

All questions and mysteries aside, it’s obvious that LG has something new and exciting in store for us, which is why we’ll be sure to keep an eye on the Koreans’ booth at IFA and report anything of interest. Be sure to tune in on our website starting next Wednesday!