If you think the map rivalry doesn’t extend beyond Google and Apple, you’re forgetting that there’s a third horse running in the race – Nokia, which has found a worthy ally in Amazon.

Now, the e-commerce giant has known to break ranks with Google, as evidently seen on how it uses a forked version of Android in order to sidestep some restrictions. Another slap in Google’s face is the fact that Amazon has chosen Microsoft’s Bing over Google Search. The snubbing continues with Amazon’s decision to introduce its own mapping solution on its Kindle Fire tablets, or is it really?

There were murmurs that Nokia was behind the recently released mapping API. Well, they aren’t not rumors anymore more since they have been substantiated by a spokesperson from the Finnish company.

Talking to The Next Web, Dr. Sebastian Kurme of Nokia’s Communications, Location & Commerce business units confirmed that it is licensing its Nokia Location Platform (NLP) to Amazon.  Here’s more of his explanation:

Location is playing a central role in our strategy, and because of its global footprint, quality and completeness of performance (geocoding, routing, traffic) the Nokia Location Platform offers great opportunities for 3rd parties to build upon.

Amazon´s decision to choose the Nokia Location Platform is further proof point that our competence in this space is a key differentiator also for other leading players in the industry to offer great location consumer experiences.

Again, Google will have to miss out on the opportunity to mine tons of valuable data from what is bound to be one of the year’s best-selling tablets, after losing its spot on iOS devices.