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Conan O'Brien says no to the Amazon Kindle Fire and recommends Amazon Wendell

Conan O'Brien recently mentioned the Amazon Kindle Fire in his show and stated that Amazon lowered prices to undercut Apple. He then goes on to explain that Amazon has released a brand new product, called the Amazon Wendell.
September 15, 2012
The Kindle Fire set the stage for the next generation of Android-powered tablets. It has a convenient and portable form factor mixed with decent specs. Its very low price made it a very attractive selection for people who wanted a good tablet at a low cost. Since the Kindle Fire release, tablet manufacturers across the grid have been making smaller, cheaper, more powerful tablets to compete with the Kindle Fire.

This has created a market of well equipped tablets that are also cheap. People are buying them and Android has a name in the tablet industry. However, that isn’t good enough for Conan O’Brien. Instead of the Kindle Fire, Conan O’Brien believes you should check out Amazon’s new project: the Amazon Wendell.

You can get the Amazon Wendell for a very wallet-friendly $5 USD. He can be used for gaming, homework help, social media, and as an e-reader. Amazon Wendel also sports a five o’clock shadow. Thanks to visionaries like Dr. Gregory House, the five o’clock shadow has become very fashionable. So you won’t be embarrassed to be seen in public with him.

Okay, so we’re making this out to be a little better than it actually is. The Amazon Wendell comes with a plethora of great features, but there’s things about it we don’t like. For one thing, he’s a middle aged man. If you happen to be a young person, people may confuse Amazon Wendell for your father or grandfather. He is also running last generation’s hardware. Thus, you might want to wait for newer hardware to be released.

Of course, there are some hidden features as well. If you choose to pay an extra $5 USD, Amazon Wendell will provide services of a more adult nature. Whether Conan O’Brien enjoys the hidden features, we cannot say for sure. If you’d like to learn more about the Amazon Wendell, you can check out the promotional video.