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comScore: Apple and Samsung smartphone shares keep growing in the U.S. at the expense of everyone else

A new comScore report reveals U.S. smartphone market share numbers for March 2013, with Apple and Samsung increasing their lead at the expense of everyone else. Check out the numbers!
May 3, 2013
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A new comScore report detailing U.S. smartphone market share for March 2013 reveals that Apple and Samsung are still the big winners, at the expense of everyone else including other Android makers that sell handsets in the region.

The company says that smartphone sales in March 2013 were up by 9% compared to December 12, with mobile market penetration now at 58% (136.8 million Americans now own smartphones).

When it comes to smartphone makers, Apple was still king of the U.S. hill, accounting for 39.0% of the market in March, up 2.7% since December of last year. During the same time, Samsung also gained share, albeit not at the same rate as Apple (it’s up 0.7% from 21.0% in December), while other major Android makers lost more ground in the country: HTC is at 9.0% (down 1.2%), Motorola is at 8.5% (down 0.6%) and LG is a 6.8% (down 0.3%).


Overall, Android was still the most used smartphone OS in America, with a 52.0% share in March, while iOS is in second place with the same percentage as above, 39.0%. It’s worth noting that Android was down 1.4% while Apple was up 2.7% for the period, with The Next Web reminding us that this is a third consecutive share drop for Android in the region.

Android and iOS combined accounted for an impressive 91% of the total number of smartphones in use in the U.S. in March. Other operating systems weren’t doing that great, with only Microsoft gaining some market share (up 0.1% from 2.9% in December), while BlackBerry and Symbian continued to lose customers.


Considering that since March, two important Android handsets have been launched in the region, the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 (both available from a variety of operators and retailers) it will certainly be interesting to see comScore’s numbers for the following months, as these devices are off to a great start when it comes to pre-orders.

Furthermore, Motorola and LG are both rumored to be working on some interesting handsets that would be launched later this year, including the Google X Phone, the LG Optimus G2 and maybe even a new LG Nexus handset, although it’ll probably be a while until these devices would be able to influence comScore’s result.

Meanwhile, let’s hear it from you, U.S. smartphone buyers, what’s your next purchase?