samsung galaxy s6 vs apple iphone 6 aa (7 of 29)

Internet analytics company comScore has just released a new smartphone subscriber marketshare report for the three months leading up to April 2015, revealing that Android is still the top smartphone platform in the United States with 52.2% marketshare. Although Android’s numbers are down 1% from January 2015, Apple is still sitting in second place at 43.1% marketshare, up 1.8% from January. Microsoft is still holding down the number three spot with 3.0%, while BlackBerry and Symbian are still holding on with 1.5% and .1% marketshare, respectively.

Apple is still the top smartphone manufacturer in the U.S. with 43.1% marketshare, a 1.8% increase over January’s numbers. Samsung holds the number two spot with 28.6% marketshare, down from 29.3% back in January. LG has brought its marketshare up to 8.4% from January’s 8.0%, and Motorola and HTC are holding down the forth and fifth spots with 4.9% and 3.7%, respectively.

Also according to the report, Facebook is the most popular mobile application as of April 2015, with 71.1% marketshare reach. YouTube is the second most popular with 57.0% reach, followed by Google Search with 51.8%, Facebook Messenger with 51.8% as well, and Google Play with 51.1%. The report also states that 188.6 million people used a smartphone during the three months ending in April.

Overall, these numbers aren’t drastically different from comScore’s previous numbers, though it’s still nice to see who is leading the pack and who is falling behind in U.S. marketshare.

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