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The Computer Science Degree Replacer just got a lot less expensive

2017's hottest CS learning bundle currently has a Week of Black Friday price drop that lets you become an expert for $25 instead of 4 years + tuition.
November 22, 2017
Writing for the web
I’ve got a friend in Seattle who went to college for 4 years to get a computer science degree.

When he got out, he was surprised to find that the local job market was already swarming with his peers from high school. Instead of going into formal education, they had gotten their chops by diving directly into the tech industry headfirst.

Nowadays, the entry for admission is much higher. These tech acolytes manage to carve out careers based sheerly on gumption and a willingness to learn, but the tech industry has matured in the meantime. Today, tech-focused companies won’t give you a shot just because you’re the local tech guy and go-to computer fixer among your friends and family. You have to have street cred.

But where to start?

The good news is, the emerging methodology for meeting that basic standard is no longer a 4-year degree. The bad news is… the online courses are still pretty pricey.

For instance, 2017’s hit package The Complete Computer Science Bundle normally runs for $367.

Now, that’s nothing compared to college tuition, of course, but it’s not exactly something that most of us can fork over on a whim.

Nevertheless, the learning kit has a solid 5-star rating from over 1200 reviewers, and it has become a go-to resource for people interested in upping their computer science game.

The good news is, for Black Friday Week, the entire package is available for just $25.

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