CompuPal Exeda

CompuLab Exeda

Well, we certainly didn’t see this one while roaming the halls at CES, but CompuLab has announced the Exeda, a smartphone that the company claims can boot up into either Windows Mobile or Android, depending on the user’s preference.

There’s all sorts of oddness going on in this design, as you can see.  It features no d-pad, but separate up/down and left/right controls.  There’s also a touchpad, of the type you’d find on laptops, for cursor control (like the optical joystick found on the Samsung Omnia, I’d wager).

And while there is an obvious ‘back’ button, there are no ‘home’ or ‘menu’ keys.  I’d guess that the two mouse buttons that straddle the touchpad could be used for those, though.

Other features include a VGA resolution touchscreen display that measures 3.5″ across the diagonal and a big 5 row QWERTY keyboard.  WiFi and Bluetooth are also on board, as is – check this – an Ethernet port.  Say what?

Its 520MHz CPU and 128MB of RAM aren’t super high-end, but should be adequate for most tasks.  I don’t expect much from the built-in 2 megapixel camera, either, but people will be pleased by the GPS support and the high capacity microSDHC slot.

The company claims that the device can be built out with quad-band GSM and UMTS support or CDMA support.  It’s battery puts out 3000mAh of power, and the entire thing measures up at a staggering 4.9” x 3.7” x 0.6” (126 mm x 96 mm x 16 mm) in size.  No word on what it weighs, but I’d wager somewhere around 225g (8oz).  As such, you can see why CompuLab is targeting enterprise customers with this one.

[via EngadgetMobile]