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96% of IT HR managers toss CVs that don’t have CompTIA certifications. Get the creds you need for less than most students pay

CompTIA certification has become essentially mandatory in the IT field. This week only, get all the training you need for 98% off individual rates.
February 22, 2018

It’s not strictly a fair system.

You might be the IT guru of your friends and family – hell, you might even be the most tech-savvy guy in your whole university, office, or city – but the long and the short of it is: businesses play it safe.

When you’re applying for an IT position, the very first thing the overwhelming majority of hiring staff look for is specialized CompTIA certification. They want to know if you’ve put forth the effort to study for a test and, more importantly, that you’ve passed it.

They don’t care how many networks you’ve set up, how savvy you are on Linux, or how adept you are at penetration testing. They want certificates. Certificates are safe.

96% of IT hiring managers say they don't consider an applicant further if they don't have CompTIA certification.

Often it doesn’t come down to what you know; it comes down to how many pieces of paper you’ve collected.

If that’s one universal truth, then here’s another. The 90-minute CompTIA exams are known to be pretty damn tough. Most mentors recommend studying extensively in preparation, and in the past, this has meant either muscling through a fat textbook on the subject or hiring a private tutor.

The good news is that the internet has brought us a new wave of self-education thanks to a tidal wave of online courses. Many of these are CompTIA specific and are taught by veterans in the field.

The bad news is that these course creators know exactly how valuable this information is, so most of the time the prices of these courses can be quite steep.

That’s why when we see something like the Complete 2018 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle go live, we try to relay it to you as quickly as possible.

Online courses live and die by their enrollment. New or updated courses often struggle, so to draw in more students, many course creators will bundle new courses with older, successful courses at a reduced price to pump up student enrollment.

Their need for students is your chance to save. 2018 has brought updated CompTIA exams, and as such, online courses have to revamp. iCollege has bundled together their comprehensive course listing for CompTIA exam prep, and you can grab all 14 for less than the price of one.

Lifetime access to all 14 kits for $59.

This bundle includes the legendary CompTIA Linux+ XKO-002 learning kit, which normally runs $672 all by itself.

Here’s what you get:

If you add all these learning kits up, you’ll notice that the total comes to a whopping $4,927. However, for this week only, you can get the whole package for $59. This includes lifetime access to all course materials.

Even if you don’t need all of these courses – actually, even if you just need one of these courses – it’s still a pretty irresistible deal. Once this promotion is over and iCollege has the student numbers they need for 2018, we’ll see this package dissolve and classes return to their individual prices.

If you’ve got a CompTIA exam any time in your future, now is the time to pounce since you get lifetime access to all 14 kits.

Click the button below for the full scoop on each of these courses, and gain access to the resources you need before they jack the prices back up.

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