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Make 3D graphics magic with the complete Houdini bundle

Become an animation wizard faster than you ever thought possible with Houdini. Grab 93 hours of content for just $17.99.
October 24, 2019
Houdini 3D user interface

When you watch a movie like Shrek or Frozen, you can’t help but be wowed by the animation. Want to start down the path of computer animation? Right now you can grab the Complete Houdini Bundle for just under $18 with a promo code.

Houdini is a 3D animation software that’s built to go toe-to-toe with the giants like Blender and Maya. What sets Houdini apart is the focus on being more intuitive than Blender and more affordable than Maya.

93 hours of lessons help you animate Shrek instead of watching the film 58 times.

If you’ve ever tried your hand at 3D graphics, you know the learning curve is steeper than the walls of Elsa’s ice castle. This hands-on tutorial includes over 93 hours of content to help you melt away that learning curve faster.

Learning 3D animation seems to come with a unique vocabulary that you’ll have to understand. However, the Houdini tutorials take things slow to make sure you’re understanding everything. You will have the opportunity to learn everything from soft body dynamics to cloth workflow and destruction control. 

Houdini 3D bundle highlights:

  • Learn what Houdini is and how it works.
  • Practice procedural modeling techniques.
  • Understand how to add soft body dynamics to your models.
  • Learn how to apply VEX wrangle dynamics.

If you’ve always wanted to get a start in 3D graphics, try Houdini. The emphasis on intuition and affordability puts it ahead of the competition to help you get ahead of the curve

All-intensive Houdini training like this packs a retail value of nearly $400, and this is your chance to lock it down for just $17.99 with our promo code 40LEARN40. You can save over 93% off retail and launch your animation passion faster than you ever thought possible. The code is only valid through the month of October so don’t wait.

What are you still doing in my swamp? Let it go and hit the button below to start learning animation. 

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