Complete Ear Trainer review

What is Complete Ear Trainer?

Complete Ear Trainer is an educational application for musicians. What it does is teach musicians to identify the notes they hear other musicians playing. Many can do this to an extent (we all know what G, C, and D chords sound like) but an app like this will help take it to the next level. It’s built like a video game to keep people interested and it has a 4.7 rating in the Google Play Store.

Here’s how it works. Even though this is an educational app, it looks and feels like a mix between an education app and a quiz game. The app will teach you basic music theory in the form of quiz games, drill you as to how each note sounds, and then quiz you on what notes you just heard. It’s a little overwhelming at first because there are so many options and things to do. There is also Google Play Games services that allow you to earn achievements and save to the cloud.

The app design is modern and effective. It utilizes the Google Now-style card UI which means it looks clean and professional. There were no parts of this app that were difficult to understand and going from point A to point B required no effort. Along with the standard features, you can also create custom lessons. Complete Ear Trainer is also tablet optimized which is a real plus.

Compete Ear Trainer

One of the best music focused apps. Ever.


More than 150 lessons arranged over 4 levels and 28 chapters means there is a lot of content.
Even though it is an educational app, it plays like a game and even includes Google Play Games services. Fantastic.
Cloud syncing allows you to use this app on multiple devices without losing your place.
Clean and efficient card UI is simple to use and it looks nice.
Free to try. Premium is only $2.99


There may be bugs depending on your device. We didn't run into any but there is always that chance.
This is clearly for a niche audience. If you're not a musician, you won't like this or find it useful.
Kind of mad I can't find anything wrong with this application.

Bottom Line

Complete Ear Trainer is a fantastic application for musicians. Anyone who is learning to play pretty much anything could learn a thing or two (or thirty) from this app. The fact that this plays like a game and has Google Play Game services is a huge plus. All musicians whose aural skills aren’t perfect could benefit from this and it’s free to try!

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