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Price Drop! Become a Data Science expert learn anytime, anywhere

Data science is at the heart of most big business these days. With this 85+ hour learning kit you could soon become a specialist.
June 5, 2018
Data science

Stuck in a rut? If you can spare $49 you could be a highly employable data specialist. All you need is The Complete Data Science Certification Training Bundle.

Data Science might sound like the preserve of the Poindexters, but in 2018 it underpins the strategy of many big industries out there.

Yeah? Like What?

Well, take marketing for instance. It isn’t Madmen anymore. Knowing the psychological side is one thing, but these days being able to analyze the trends is more important. You could be a regular Don Draper, but if you don’t have the technical know-how then you’ll probably be overlooked for someone who does.

You could be a highly employable data specialist

The Complete Data Science Certification Training Bundle is a vast learning kit designed to ensure you’re hot on all things analytical. You’ll learn programming languages, statistical models, and even how to handle Excel like a boss. It’s been put together by industry insiders with years of experience.

For 85 hours of your time, you’re going to want something to show for it. As well as your newfound expertize, the bundle also includes a certificate of completion. Stick it straight on your resume (bold, size 16 font) and wait for the employment offers to flood in.

The bundle at a glance:

  • Access over 85 hours of high-quality content 24/7.
  • Understand data mining, exploration, visualization, & hypothesis testing.
  • Master the R programming language, R-studio, & R packages.
  • Learn the various types of apply functions including DPYR.
  • Explore statistical concepts like linear & logistic regression, cluster analysis, & forecasting.
  • Supercharge your analytics career by learning powerful new Excel skills.

The bundle has a retail value of $699, but with a tasty 92% discount this week you can sign up for only $49. Over 2,000 budding data scientists have done the same.

Don’t miss out, enroll today by hitting the button below.

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