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Learn how to code at your own pace with 9 courses & 210+ hours of training

If you want to learn to code you can sample several of the big languages in this 210-hour mega bundle. Amazingly down to just $34.99.
June 27, 2018
Learn to code
So you’ve decided to learn to code. Good for you. There are thousands of great roles for coders out there, and many of them pay rather well. You’ve paid your dues, you deserve a fat paycheck.

The tricky part now is knowing where to start.

Should you learn Python because it’s said to be the simplest to understand for a beginner? Or Javascript because of it’s versatility and wide-usage? How about Google Go because it’s all the rage these days?

Knowing one language makes learning the next one easier.

Don’t worry. You can become a coder-of-all-trades before focusing on a speciality. You just need The Complete 2018 Learn to Code Bundle.

This learning kit contains a wealth of coding know-how. The nine courses cover several of the most commonly used programming languages in 2018. From JavaScript and Ruby on Rails to R and Git. 210+ hours of content mean that it’s a one-stop- shop to get you into coding.

Whether you’re interested in website building, app development, or risk modelling, answers lie within. As you might have guessed, principles of programming languages overlap significantly, so knowing one language makes learning the next one easier.

Learn to code

The bundle even contains The Complete PHP Course: A popular guide focusing on using PHP and Bootstrap to create a content management system on your website. It’s almost 20 hours alone, and usually retails at $299.

Before long you’ll have a whole host of coding careers to choose from, or you could be building the next PayPal, ready to offload it to the investor with the deepest pockets.

The ‘learn to code’ line up:

Despite the separate retail values, there’s an incredible 97% discount on the bundle this week. We’ve seen it on sale for $50 earlier in the year, but right now you can pick it up for just $34.99.

The price is a no-brainer, you just need to find the time to get started. You get lifetime access to every course, so don’t worry if you’re busy right now. Grab the deal while it’s a bargain and learn to code when you’re ready.

Looks like the deal finishes this weekend, so don’t miss out. Hit the button below to get the deal.

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