Compact Philips smart TV running Android TV and Google Assistant on sale

Smart displays are becoming more commonplace in households across the world. Whether it’s in your bedroom, kitchen, or living room, having access to a smart assistant powered display is quite convenient. But no matter how good these little (and not so little) smart displays are getting, nothing quite beats consuming content on a proper television. That’s why Philips developed this compact smart TV with Google Assitant built-in.

Like many standard smart displays, this Android TV-powered device is designed to fit perfectly into places like your kitchen. But unlike some of those smaller displays, this Philips smart TV gives users an easier, more pleasurable screen to follow along with recipes, check the weather, and stream your favorite movies and shows.

It features a Google Assistant-powered smart speaker attached to the bottom of the display, a sufficient 24-inch 720p panel, and a standard yet functional looking remote. Not that you’ll always need the remote since navigating the device is as simple as shouting “OK Google” while you’re elbows deep in a recipe you just found on YouTube.

This compact Philips smart TV comes in at $349, but it looks like you can pick it up for $50 less for a limited time. We aren’t sure how long the discount will be in effect, so if you are in the market for a smart display like this, you might not want to pass it up.