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Comodo Anti-theft Free: Using SMS commands to protect or find your lost phone

June 29, 2012

Since your Android is your personal phone, you undoubtedly have optimized your experience by storing your personal information and credentials on your smartphone. If something bad happens to your phone, that means your personal data are also at risk.  What can you do when your phone gets lost or stolen?

It’s necessary to take action when your phone gets stolen or lost. Thankfully, there’s an app specifically for that scenario. Anti-theft Free, developed by COMODO, provides the necessary actions for certain accidents like when your phone is misplaced, lost, or stolen.

Anti-theft Free provides ways to help you find your phone and protect your personal data. It can also give you options to find your phone, lock it, wipe it, and sound a security alarm.  You only need to send SMS commands to your phone, and Anti-theft Free (assuming it is installed on your lost or stolen phone) does the rest.

You can find your phone by sending an SMS command for locating your phone on a map. You can instruct Anti-theft Free to lock your phone by sending a simple text message to your phone, after which your phone will be locked down with your password and the thief won’t be able to unlock your phone’s homescreen.

Afraid that your sensitive personal info, data, and files on your phone might risk being exposed to a complete stranger?  Tell Anti-theft Free to completely erase all phone and SD card data (e.g., contacts, emails, SMS, files, bookmarks, etc.).

One of the features I like most about this app is that you can take a picture of the thief. Just send a text message to your phone and once the thief responds to that message, the phone will automatically take his or her photo while the person is looking at the screen.  You’ll instantly get the photo via email.

Will changing the SIM card ensure that you won’t find your phone anymore?  Anti-theft Free also includes a feature that alerts you whenever your phone’s SIM card is changed.  If the latter happens, the app will send SMS to your friend’s phone alerting you of the SIM card change and the new SIM’s number.  That way, you can continue sending locate, lock, or wipe commands to your phone via SMS.

Last of all, Anti-theft Free also has an alarm feature.  When activated via SMS command, your phone sounds a super-loud alarm (even if the phone is on Silent Mode) and displays a warning message on the screen.

Protect your phone and data from thieves.  Download Anti-theft Free now and strengthen your security through its useful features.