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Xperia ZX2 1010 Launch Party

Posted Mar 16, 2018 by Jake Lam

  1. Jake Lam

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    I was at the Hong Kong 1010 Launch Party of the Sony Xperia ZX2 last night. The atmosphere was really kinda casual for the average joe. It was pretty fun with a nice lite spread of pastries, water and fruit juices. The show a powerpoint slideshow of the Xperia ZX 2 and demo videos of the benefits of the devices. Mostly the better photography lowlight performance and the rumble feature. Which vibrates the device when watching videos at certain exciting moments or playing games. Similar to the PS's Dual Shock controller but it also supported media. My only let down was that the device had no headphone jack! I could deal with the IPS LCD display but I could not deal without having a headphone jack on the device. I was quite impressed with the emerald green color variant of the Xperia ZX. Which reminded me of the emerald green color of the SGS6. Hopefully Samsung will release the Note 9 in emerald green in the next few months.
  2. John Parker

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    Nice Article !!! Very good features of Xperia ZX, which keep it stands different from other devices.
  3. magratewalker

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    galaxy s7 edge
    Xperia ZX series is better than before

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