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Xiaomi coming to India

Posted Jun 22, 2014 by Swapnil Kolhe

  1. Swapnil Kolhe

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    Micromax Canvas 250 and Moto X
    Saw their website...The Indian version of Xiaomi website is active and they soon will make their mark in Indian market.Till today morning around 3948 members showed their support for Xiaomi for launching in India.Even they have created a new facebook page " Mi India" . Best thing is Xiaomi Mi3 will be available for just 18,000rs (INR) according to reports(predictions).. Which is around 3,000 rs (INR) less than MotoX i bought and same price Micromax Canvas A250 which I'm using right now.
    With the launch of Tech giant like Mi3...Finally There will be Tech fest in India.
    Now I'm so excited what happens to all the brands which are selling average phones compared to MI3 at high price.
    even I was waiting to go for this phone...wait is finally over.
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  2. Bobby Situkangpoles

    Bobby Situkangpoles Team AA Team AA

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    It's good to see those guys are living up to their promise. Looks like Indian Xiaomi hopefuls won't have to wait much longer now!

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