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Why do people feel the need to have the highest end of technology?

Posted Jun 20, 2014 by CJF

  1. Ghostrecon55

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    I think it depends quite a bit on what you use the equipment for. What is fit job/hobby? If one is into graphics or music production, a low end cheap device ain't gonna cut it. Or if you're writing code to break into the IRS system so we get our money back. Or redirect social security money we paid into them to take care of our retired citizens, THEN you need the high end device.
    If you just want to create your personal budget or write letters to the editor, then you don't need a high end device.
    I'm just saying... What do you need to do should determine how much you need to pay for a device.
  2. Luka

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    You're wrong; Motorola was in a black hole before Google bought it and brought this concept of selling cheap good phones. I don't know for how much they sold phones before but i know they weren't accessible (in Europe) or desirable. Google took the patents, Samsung got into a hussy fit over them making phones and the company got sold to Lenovo. This practice of selling really good phones cheap is working really well for Motorola. They are opening new markets and slowly starting to make money.
    All this talk from OnePlus about how they don't plan to make any money on the One is a story for little kids, I don't buy it.
    OPPO Find 7a costs 399€ vs OnePlus 349€. When you compere the two you see where that 50 euros went. Other than that OnePlus is making the same money as OPPO is.
    The Moto X+1 won't be any different. Motorola learned it's lesson with the X. No more 650$ devices. Also you'll notice that the specs we got on the X+1 are somewhat old flagship specs, i expect this is because Motorola is gonna sell it dirt cheap. Something like 300$ a pop.
    It's not that they're making little money, it's that Samsung and Apple are making a killing of the chumps who buy their products.

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