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Video stops playing while kids watch in car

Posted Nov 22, 2015 by Kkluttz

  1. Kkluttz

    Kkluttz Member Scrap Metal

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    Lg g3
    Have an lg tablet that I bought for son so he can watch movies and videos on. While on a road trip I would start playing a movie for him, place in headrest holder, and after about 5 mins it would just pause for no reason. Movies and tv shows were all downloaded onto tablet so I wouldn't need wifi to play. I play have played the movies both through the Disney movie app and the lg factory app for movies/tv. Does it in both apps. The auto screen lock option is off and the smart screen option is off as well. It doesn't do it when not in the vehicle (still with wifi off) but only when placed in headrest holder. Is it possible the headrest holder is causing the problem or maybe even car vibrations? Has anyone else experienced this problem.
  2. Luka

    Luka Administrator Staff Member Team AA HAL

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    Samsung Galaxy S8
    Well it could be that the headrest is the problem if any part of it is touching the screen. It could accidentally hit pause.
  3. dmtaukhua123

    dmtaukhua123 Member Drone Droid

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    samsung, xiaomi, iphone
    so, i think it could be a room bug. what do you think about it?

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