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VERIZON PREPAID throttling or slow-down issues now: april, 2018

Posted Apr 15, 2018 by bob52r

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    i am current on a old verizon post paid plan for many year. my current plan is better than anything verizon currently offers in the land of post paid.

    i need 3 gig of lite date and unlimited voice and texts. i saw a number of posting 6 months ago that verizon is slowing down all prepaid plan based upon when the towers get over loaded. the service had become problematic for many users. i have not seen anything on this issue lately. i kept my grandfathered post paid plan as it is no replaceable. i need good consistent data speeds.

    what is the current status of verizon pre-paid in terms of consistently reasonable 4 lte data speeds?

    bob in miami, fl

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