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Syncronising of email problem

Posted Mar 17, 2017 by Glenn - hiker-traveller

  1. Glenn - hiker-traveller

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    Hi, I have a Lenovo Android tablet. It has a 'Corporate' built-in app for adding your e-mail accounts. I've had a problem with the sycronisation of my hotmail e-mail a/c - I get the message 'Sync error' and at the bottom of the screen: 'Sync is currently experiencing problems and will be back shortly' This I've found is a recurring issue and it can fail to syncronise my e-mails for up to a week or more - then suddenly one day I'll switch my device on and all my new e-mails are displayed? Baffling and frustrating - I wonder if anyone else has had this problem and knows of a solution please? Thanks

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