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smartwatch always on display.

Posted Dec 29, 2017 by Stuart Blumfelt

  1. Stuart Blumfelt

    Stuart Blumfelt Member Scrap Metal

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    Hi there,

    New to this but looking for answers I'm not finding anywhere else.

    I am looking for a smartwatch that's most important feature has to be that the display is always on and that I can change faces. What I'm really looking for is a watch that can change faces. I mean I like all the other features of the smartwatch, but I'm in sales and I thought that having a watch that looks like a watch with display always in, would be like getting an infinite amount of faces. Some even fun.

    But no one seems to have a full screen on all the time except amazfit pace. But it's some kind of transductive screen that shows up mostly in the sun.
    Sorry to ramble.


  2. George Minor

    George Minor Member Scrap Metal

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    Having a watch with an option to have a display always on doesn't probably exist as a built-in function. Having a watch face always on would drain your watch battery life pretty fast.
    But, there's an app that I use that allows you to set a variable time (including infinity). Sorry, I forgot the name of it.
    There's also a Swipify App Launcher but I am not sure how many phones does it support.

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