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Smart Watch Suggestion

Posted Mar 1, 2018 by Shadow Wizard

  1. Shadow Wizard

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    So, i am looking for a recommendation on a smart watch. I was a pebble time user for a long time, but after the announcement that they will stop supporting it thus summer, i am a bit concerned its gonna stop working, so I have started my search. So far I have been through and returned a Fossil, and am getting ready to return my Zen Watch 3 because of all the bugs and problems (see my post yesterday) so I came here for a recommendation. If needed, I have a 6P running Android 8.0.0 rooted.

    So here are my needs. please keep in mind that the needs listed may (I don't know) be common to most/all smart watches, but figure I should probably include them in case.
    1) It must work reliably 99.9% of the time. 15 seconds before the watch notifies me of a phone call isn't acceptable. (Hence why I am thinking about ditching my Zen. The Zen Watch 3, as least as it is working for me is a horribly unreliable piece of junk, and Asus tech support is a total joke.)
    2) It must notify me of phone calls, and text messages, and include the contact name in the notification.
    3) I must be able to reply, at least by voice, to text messages I receive.
    4) Must get at least 24 hours out of a charge with light use, and have some battery to spare. EG. My Zen watch, I use it occasionally, and after 24 hours, I usually have 25-%-35% life left. Thats why I got rid of the Fossil. Battery life was horrible.
    5) Sub $500 Canadian (For our US people out there, thats about $400)
    6) Must be available in Canada, and be purchasable from a retailer that permits "I didn't like it" returns. (Such as big box stores, etc, where you can return an item because it didn't suit your needs. After the nightmare I have been though with these watches, it has to be able to go back if its junk IMO)
    7) IF it runs android wear, it must run 2.0+, however I am not insisting it be an android wear watch.
    8) If it doesn't run android wear, there must be a google authenticator app available for it.
    9) It must either have at least one programmable button (programmable button to launch an app) OR have a way to launch an app very quickly. Lets say with less then 2 seconds of work. I map this button to my authenticator app (see #8) because I use it often.
    10) Must run at a decent speed. I find the zen watch crazy slow. I am not used to it taking at times 5-10 seconds to open an app.

    Things I would like:
    1) I kinda like Android wear. The selection of apps seems quite nice, and having google assistant right on the watch seems pretty awesome.
    2) An extended battery life. Maybe I was spoiled by my pebble, and my 5-7 day battery life, but I would really like that, if its even available.
    3) Color screen. Not really a need, but would be nice to have.
    4) Decent selection of apps.
    5) The ability to use my watch to take/receive calls, and actually use the watch as a speaker phone. Via bluetooth of course, I am not expecting it to work standalone without a phone.

    So maybe I have been spoiled by my Pebble, and ran into a decent watch that just works, and works for my needs. I understand its possible that a watch that meets my needs (other then the pebble) just doesn't exist, and if thats the case, just tell me so. I am willing to accept that an an answer.
    Before I end, I want to thank those of you that actually took the time to read my post, as it is a rather long one. And I want to thank those that took a few seconds to think about my needs and what may be available/useful to me. And a special thank you in advance to those that take the time to actually reply.
  2. ridhima

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    the two main options came into mind right after reading this are apple watch 3 and the fitbit versa ; both of which are extremely useful and has some good specification and features .

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