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Since update I cant skip/pause song via bluetooth

Posted Feb 28, 2018 by ninjagraciie

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    Hi all,

    I really need help as the garage isn't helping at all!

    I brought a new car last month and it worked beautifully! I had no problem connecting Spotify to the car via BT, I could skip and pause my songs all the time. Since this new update Spotify will play via the BT in the car but I can no longer skip/pause through the car it has to be done on the phone. It's not just Spotify that it's not working on but my other music apps as well. I can still make calls etc. through the car and the volume buttons work so I know its not faulty wiring.

    I have tried unpairing and repairing, turning the BT off and on in both the car and the phone, all the setting are exactly the same on the phone and in the car.
    I have also done a factory reset on the phone to see if that would help but it doesn't!

    All the garage are saying is that it must be my phone! But I don't think it is. Any ideas would be muchly appreciated.

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