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Samsung S8 problem with the pressure sensitive home button

Posted May 19, 2017 by VADekov

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    Hi All,

    I recently both myself a Samsung S8 and it appears that the pressure sensitive home button behaves badly.

    Sometimes it doesn't recognize when pressure is applied, others it vibrates couple of times and wakes up the lock screen. There is 3rd option noticed when a simple touch of the home button area is recognized as force touch.
    In any cases this is not repeatable in some sort of pattern and it occurs randomly. Sometimes it works just fine for hours before the next discrepancy comes. I have opened a ticket with Samsung support from the device itself to address the issue as not change of the settings seems to resolve the issue. It was tried: factory reset/change of sensitivity of the home button/ turning off AOD/ turning of the "unlock with home button" feature. Nothing seems to help.

    Do you think it could be a software issue? I called couple of the local service centers authorized by Samsung to fix their phones but they seem to not have experienced this problem before. So I am not risking giving the phone to them as they might just reset it, which consumers does say don't help with the problem.

    I see this is an issue for number of other people having this unit, however I have not seen article in any of the major medias. There's only a thread in a forum which is growing fast now.

    Many Thanks,
    Veselin Dekov

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