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Please help with micro SD problem - (not detecting micro SD card)

Posted Apr 14, 2018 by Maxim1android

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    Hi, I've bought brand new Motorola Moto G3 (2015). And it has an issue with micro SD card.

    I have inserted 16GB new micro SD card in the slot, formatted (as prompted by android) it to be "internal storage" - it immediately said to be "ready for use", I looked and it does show up in the Settings - Storage & USB as SD card, HOWEVER, I cannot access the SD card from PC (windows 10) - it only shows internal storage of 4.54GB. ALSO I cannot access SD card using file manger apps - I'm using File Manager + (I've also tried many other with the same result) - It says SD card not available.

    16GB SD card file system is FAT32.
    I've tried wiping the cache partition - nothing works.
    Android version is 6.0.1

    Please help if you've had similar problem


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