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p9 lite high sar

Posted Feb 21, 2017 by Andreas Aristeidou

  1. Andreas Aristeidou

    Andreas Aristeidou Member Scrap Metal

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    I recently bought p9 lite and now reading the reviews and posts over the internet I am concerned about the high sar rating of p9 lite. I also downloaded the Quanta monitor application from google play and when I use it on mobile data and phone calls it shows extremely high sar of 5.5 w/kg. Does anyone else have the same experience?
    Thanks a lot
  2. Drp97

    Drp97 Member Scrap Metal

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    The EU regulations say it should NOT surpass 2,0 W/Kg, that is extensively tested before it being sold, so either the measurement app is wrong (likely) or yours is highly defective (sounds unlikely).
    Anyway, if you are worried avoid using it in places with bad reception, or prefer text rather then calls.

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