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OnePlus One mod links: Root, ROMs & Tools

Posted Apr 6, 2015 by Luka

  1. Luka

    Luka Administrator Staff Member Team AA HAL

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    Samsung Galaxy S8
    What is rooting in Android?
    -Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as "root access") within Android's sub-system.
    Rooting, flashing ROMs or any modification to your device will in most cases void your warranty.
    Important: Most instructions and tools are model-specific. Check if your model is supported before attempting to modify it.
    Useful articles:
    -A beginner’s guide to Rooting for Android
    -6 benefits of rooting your Android phone or tablet
    -The 10 best root apps for Android
    -OnePlus One Root

    List of ROMs:
    -Paranoid Android
    -SlimLP ROM
    -Ubuntu Touch

    Useful tools:
    -OnePlus One Toolkit
    -Unofficial TWRP
    -PhilZ Touch
    This thread doesn't provide instructions or tools on how to root, flash or in anyway modify your device. Android Authority is not in any way responsible for damages that might occur to your device by following instructions or using tools provided by the linked pages.
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  2. gerhard

    gerhard Member Scrap Metal

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    oneplus one
    want to ad the best of all roms for this device, strange that it's missing and to be clear, i tested every rom available in multirom setup, switching back and forth.

    a) Blissrom ( most features, very consequent issue tracking and resolution )
    b) Resurrection Remix ( almost on par with bliss as to features, slightly more bugs for longer time [minor ones] and fasted ROM

    they are both cm12.1 based while it's worth to mention that RR is really faster then the rest, snappy like hell an beyond any
    possible placebo range :)

    both running on boeffla kernel v4.0 Beta17 with touchscreen workaround ( touchscreen now on par with nexus 5 for example )
  3. Manny C

    Manny C Member Scrap Metal

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    What do you use as default dialer?
  4. philopek

    philopek Member Scrap Metal

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    OnePlus One, Nexus 5, N7100, 2x I9100, Nexus 4, N7000,
    after using EX-Dialer for almost 2 years i must say that stock dialer developed to a very reasonable level and therefore i'm using it now. last but not least it get's themed by most good themes according to my general choice of theme per phone. perhaps i have to add here that each of my 7 devices has it's dedicated color, OnePlus is blue and Nexus 5 is green etc.
    so the answer to your question is: stock dialer
  5. Saeed Ashif Ahmed

    Saeed Ashif Ahmed Member Scrap Metal

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    Galaxy Ace Duos S6802
    Do you have any good camera app for OnePlus 5?

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