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Oneplus 3T: Cellular data not suddenly stopped working on slot 1.

Posted Mar 17, 2017 by Nishant Verma

  1. Nishant Verma

    Nishant Verma Member Scrap Metal

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    Cellular data suddenly stopped working on slot 1. It was working fine from last 1 month. I replaced sim to other phone and it was working fine. Then i placed sim in slot 2 and cellular data is working fine. Network is full and i can make call and sms but no cellular data. I did network setting reset. I tried safe mode and wipe cache partition but problem remain same.

    What to do? I am really tensed as same thing happened with my Samsung galaxy s5. I thought it was handset problem so bought Oneplus 3t.

    Kindly help me out.
  2. Jake Lam

    Jake Lam Well-Known Member Android Overlord

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (N910C), Samsung Galaxy SII, Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 WiFi Edition, Sony PRS-350, Sony PRS-T3
    Could be the network settings on your device needs to be configured properly. I'd take your device to your cell providers retailer branch and let them take a look at it.

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