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New Chuwi Hi9 Air vs Huawei MediaPad M5

Posted Mar 30, 2018 by manonegra222

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    Chuwi, since its inception, has struggled to maintain a balance of its products in which innovation, design and performance are combined.

    We have experienced the boom of dualboot devices and now, with the new processors available, 2-in-1 devices with Android or Windows.

    We have attended the releases of the Hi13, SurBook, SurBook mini, LapBook and LapBook Air, with Intel Celeron processors and is about to go to the manufacturing stage of the CoreBook, equipped with Core M3 processor and SSD, all of these with system
    Windows 10 operating

    With Android, the Hi9 and the latest from Chuwi, the Hi10 Air, a great tablet, just Android with a high-end design and features, with 4G connection and the possibility of using 2 sim cards have been put on the market.

    We have made a comparison with a first brand in which clearly the value for money is on Chuwi's part. comparativa1.jpg

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