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Need some help..

Posted Apr 11, 2018 by stefanw1337

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    So I have an ongoing issue right now, that sounds easy to solve, but it really isn't.

    So I have this Avegant Glyph headphones/glasses which lets you view any HDMI right on a pair of headsets. And I recently got a new phone with USB-C. And so you'd think it's easy to get mini HDMI(which are on the headset) to USB-C, but here lies the issue, the standard USB-C has a pretty short connector, while my phone requires a longer connector. What came with the phone as accessories was "USB-C to USB-A" and "USB-C to 3,5mm".

    So what I've been thinking there's not a USB-C female to USB-C male(long), and I haven't found much USB-A to HDMI. So last option would be Miracast. So the Avegant would be connected to a miracast device. But then the mobility comes in the picture, most Miracast or Google Chromecasts require USB connectivity to get its power. So what miracast device has a battery. Or else I can connect it to a powerbank, but then the mobility kinda takes a strong hit. The I would need to cable that to a messenger bag where the powerbank would be, and it wouldn't be as "free" and mobile as I'd like.

    Can anyone come up with a plan on how to connect this together, to get it to work? I honestly don't even know if HDMI out on this phone would work at this point either, but it's USB-C which does support anything. And if it didn't then there would be an app that would allow for HDMI out? But with miracast my phone wouldn't need any connection to it, just wireless to the miracast that would be connected to the glasses.. But what about the power for the miracast?

    Please help! My new phone is the Oukitel K10.

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